School Supplies

2022 – 2023 School Supply List

Below, you will find a general supply list for the upcoming school year.  These are items that are required for all students in that particular grade.  Additional items may be required in certain classes after your student receives their schedule and is assigned to a specific team.

6th Grade


Set of Colored Pencils

Low-odor dry erase markers

Earbuds or headphones

5 or 6 folders for storing papers for each class

2 single subject spiral notebooks

*Please note, we have REMOVED trapper keepers and larger binders from the list, as they are difficult to carry in backpacks.


7th Grade

Separate folders for SS, English, Science, and Math

Pack of Colored Pencils

Spiral Notebook (Math)

Earbuds or headphones



8th Grade


Pocket folder(s)

Notebook paper – loose or spiral bound

Single subject or Composition notebook for 8G English

Pencils and pens – ALWAYS be prepared with something to write with!


Calculator:  (Also used in science)

*TI-30XIIS for Math 8 and Algebra I

*Graphing calculator provided for Algebra II